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to small groups or large parties: Experience the fascinating facets of our country on guided coach and walking tours. Our well-trained local guides will be happy to assist you when planning your individual tour programme and will accompany your day excursions in a professional way. The daily rate for a tour guide including tours of cities is presently € 120 including VAT and has to be paid to the guides directly.

…Some Suggestions for Day Excursions:

Day Excursion 1: Mecklenburg Switzerland

Teterow, Neubrandenburg and the 1,000- year old oaks of Ivenack

departure 8.30 a.m., return approx. 5.30 p.m.

Via Teterow with short photo stop at the monument in Lalendorf to the castle complex in Dargun. Your next stop will be Neubrandenburg where you will have lunch and time for a walk around the town; return via the Reuter town of Stavenhagen with stopover in Ivenack and walk to the 1,000-year old oaks of Ivenack.

Additional costs: Admission to the park of the 1,000-year old oaks.


Day Excursion 2: Usedom

Anklam, Heringsdorf and Neighbouring Country Poland

departure 7.30 a.m.; return approx. 7 p.m.

Via the new motorway A 20 to a stopover in Anklam. You will cross the vertical lift bridge in Karnin and continue to the Isle of Usedom. Roundtrip to Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf with a stroll along the pier and the promenade. It is possible to visit a large junk market in our neighbouring country Poland (carriage ride to Swinemünde is possible). Return via Wolgast to Güstrow.

Additional costs: carriage ride or taxi trip from national boundary to Swinemünde on request.


Day Excursion 3: Baltic Sea

Bad Doberan, Rostock and Warnemünde

departure 9.00 a.m., return approx. 6 p.m.

Via Bützow to Bad Doberan with its old monastery; you will stroll through the park and visit the cathedral. Your next stop will be Rostock where a guided tour of the city and a little free time will be included. You will then continue towards Warnemünde (from the city harbour of Rostock it is possible to take a boat to Warnemünde including harbour cruise). Stroll along the promenade „Alter Strom“ and the beach. From the promenade you can take a trip round the harbour.

Additional costs: Admission to the cathedral in Bad Doberan, boat trip from Rostock to Warnemünde with harbour cruise or trip round the harbour from Warnemünde.


Day Excursion 4: Mecklenburg Lake Plains

Krakow am See, Malchow, Waren and boat trip

departure 8.45 a.m., return approx. 5.30 p.m.

Via Krakow and Alt Schwerin to Malchow; boat trip (groups with own bus can take the boat up to Waren); trip to Waren including a walk around the town; your next destination will be the castle of Basedow with a guided walk of the village and the park. Stop at restaurant “Alter Schafstall“.

Additional costs: Boat trip from Malchow, stop at restaurant “Alter Schafstall“


Day Excursion 5: Isle of Ruegen

Stralsund, Chalk Cliffs and Binz

departure 7.30 a.m., return approx. 7.00 p.m.

Travel on country roads to Tribsees, Richtenberg and Stralsund (we recommend to plan a tour of the Marine Museum as a day excursion in its own right).Your next destination will be Sassnitz including a boat trip to the chalk cliffs. Continue via Mukran and Prora to Binz for lunch. Make a round trip via Putbus and the hunting lodge of Granitz back to the Rügendamm ; return to Güstrow via Ribnitz-Dammgarten.

Additional costs: boat trip from Sassnitz to the chalk cliffs


Day Excursion 6: Wismar - Schwerin

Wismar, Schwerin and open-air museum “Slavic Castle Complex Groß-Raden”

departure 8.00 a.m., return approx. 7.00 p.m.

Via motorway A 19/20 to Wismar including tour of the old town. Your next destination will be Schwerin where you visit the castle museum. Travel on to Sternberg and Groß Raden and visit the open-air museum “Slavic Castle Complex Groß Raden“. Its possible to take a carriage from the car park to the museum. Return to Güstrow.

Additional costs: admission to castle museum in Schwerin, admission to open-air museum in Groß Raden, carriage ride in Groß Raden.


Day Excursion 7: Fischland – Darss Peninsula

Barth, Zingst and Ribnitz-Dammgarten

departure 8.00 a.m, return approx 6.00 p.m.

Via motorway A 19 and Federal road B 105 to Barth with stop at the idyllic harbour. Travel to the seaside resort of Zingst for lunch. Make a round trip on the Darss peninsula to Ribnitz-Damgarten including tour of the German amber museum. Return to Güstrow via Rövershagen (Karls-Erdbeer-Hof, an adventure farm).

Additional costs: Admission to amber museum, Karls-Erdbeer-Hof.
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