schloss güstrow

Many books and articles have been written about Mecklenburg and about the small town of Güstrow which is getting more and more beautiful every year. It is typical of Mecklenburg that you will find preserved cultural landscape wherever you go: The Nebel valley near Serrahn with its gorges and boulders, the numerous ponds – remnants from the Ice Age, megalithic graves, stone circles, Slavic castles such a the castle complex in Groß Raden which is now a museum …




... well-preserved village churches from the Romanesque period with exceptional paintings, the convent complex in Dobbertin, which is not far from Güstrow, manor houses, castles and parks reflect the history of Mecklenburg landscape and culture. For all those who want to learn more about Ernst Barlach Güstrow is also the right place.

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